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This is us. Rob + Wincy. Highschool Sweethearts, Best Friends, Husband & Wife.

Its been an absolutely amazing to grow up together and somewhere along the way, we got super creative.

We are visual story tellers and we Pause the time for you in our films & photos. Our approach is very photo journalistic and documentary style as we strive to capture your story in the most natural and organic form. We may give you pointers along the way but we do not make you pose.

We have been working in the events and wedding industry for over 15 years and it remains our happy place to this day.

Our WHY is to take you back and make you feel the same emotions that you felt when the photo/film was captured.

This photo of ours may not be a technically correct photo. But it represents us and our relationship perfectly and that is what matters.

If you’ve come this far, send us a message and lets catch up.